Essential reading before the course begins:

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Presentation Skills (P38-39)

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The Method (P54)

Trainee Assistant Instructors – we have decided to change how we train the assistant instructors to a focused three day session ahead of the Sail Training week.  This year the training takes place on Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August. In previous years the course has run throughout the whole week but in order to improve the AI training, we have chosen to run this in advance of the core week of activity. 

 We welcome applicants age 15 and over (as of 4th August) who have passed Stage 4 and at least one advanced RYA  module (Day Sailing, Performance Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship Skills or Start/Intermediate/Advanced Racing).  For those that would like to take the Seamanship Skills course, we are offering a 2 day course on the weekend of July 27th and 28th. In the event a candidate does not pass the Seamanship course they will not be allowed to do the AI course.   Please apply online for both courses separately (i.e. you will have to fill in two application forms). 

Please note that you should be able to sail to the standard of Seamanship Skills in order to successfully complete the Assistant Instructor training. There will not be time on the AI course to focus on improving your skills in this respect, with the aim of the course, being to complete the necessary elements to become an Assistant Instructor.

 The Assistant Instructor training is an intensive 20 hour course split over three days. An element of preparation in advance will be required including background reading and planning for a 10 minute presentation to be completed on the course. Full details will be provided in due course. 

In a change to previous years, we will charge £100 to do the 3 day course however students will receive a full refund upon working as an Assistant Instructor over the following week.  Please note all applicants are expected to work the whole week (4th-11th August) after they become qualified Assistant Instructors. 

 If anyone has any queries about the Assistant Instructor training, please contact Nick Williams, or 07704 422548.