Stage 3 teaches rigging, launching and sailing in any direction.  Each child will be sailing in their own Topper.  Please provide your child with a Topper in good working order.  Although Toppers were originally rigged with an aft main sheet, a centre main is now essential (and easily changed)

Assumed knowledge: Up to and including the Stage 2 course and more importantly, further sailing experience. Please be prepared to show evidence of experience in log books, if requested. 
Duration: 3 days 
Minimum age: 8 years as of the course start date
Course content: Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory
Ability after course: Able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions
Toppers will be subjected to a rigorous boat check before they are allowed on the water.  A full boat checklist has been posted under the course information page.  Please make sure all Toppers have a boom sleeve (to prevent getting the main sheet around their neck when tacking),  the main block needs a ratchet, a non swivelling block on the traveller or else the main sheet gets twisted and an effective daggerboard bungee cord (to prevent the daggerboard falling out in capsizes).