Accepted Applicants Form

Sail Training Emergency Contact Details

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Sail Training Photography Consent Form

It may be possible to organise a photographer to take photographs of the children taking part in Sail Training which will then be available for you to download from a private secure website using a supplied password. Please indicate whether you are happy or not for your children to be photographed. These images will not be used commercially or be supplied to any third parties, they are for your use only.

Sail Training Medical Declaration Form

To ensure that all Instructors and volunteers who are working with your child have adequate knowledge of any medical conditions/medication, please complete the declaration below.

The RYA recommends that children learning to sail in single-handed dinghies at commercial training schools should wear safety helmets. Due to the voluntary nature of Sail Training, it will not be possible to provide helmets for all participants. Therefore, if you wish your child to wear a helmet during Sail Training you will need to purchase one yourself. Please sign below to acknowledge

I am aware of the recommendation that children learning to sail in single-handed dinghies should wear a protective helmet. I accept that Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club is unable to provide helmets for the children